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C.P. Stewart (Charlie) lived with his family in North Yorkshire. Formerly singer/songwriter with the cult band Laughing Gravy, his poetry has been widely published in Canada, Australia, Ireland, England and the United States.
For two years he was the Poetry Editor of Sotto Voce Arts and Literary magazine (U.S.).
A chapbook of his poetry, Taking it In was published by Koo Poetry Press in 2009.

Charlie died suddenly in February 2017. He left home in the morning to walk with the dog down one of his favourite lanes. He never returned.

Considering the Lilies
Poems by CP Stewart
RRP  €12-00 ISBN 9781907017070

“... in that tradition of writing verse which functions as either (or both) songs and poems. The poems themselves tend to be snappy, enigmatic and dark.” – Books Ireland
“ Following the noble tradition of Cohen and Dylan, C. P. Stewart translates the simplicity and depth of song-writing  from the voice to the page.  The result is beautiful. Poem after poem of spare writing, sometimes dark, follows to the letter Keith Douglas’s dictum that every word must earn its place.” ─ Gerard Rochford, poet.
“These poems are the goods.” ─ John Whitworth, poet.
Praise for C. P. Stewart’s previous book Taking it In
“ ... short, taut snapshots.” ─ Paul Sutherland, poet,

 Editor of Dream Catcher magazine.
“ C. P. Stewart’s rich collection of poems seizes life’s most feral moments and holds them captive on the page. His writing reminds us that life is to be savored. What is ironic is that his poems, so concise in nature, cannot be quickly ingested. They are simply too rich to be swallowed whole.

Vinnie Kinsella, Publisher, Four and Twenty.

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The Beadsman

And you?

The years,
what did they bring?

And were you filled?
Was it enough?

And would you go that way again?

Almost a lifetime we have lived apart.

And they who brought me news are long dead now.

They said you’d found a quiet town,
quite near the sea, and settled down.

I think of this.
Of the salt on your lips.

The years go by so quickly here.
The days.

And I have learned to lean against the pull.

It is a small pain now, but I shall not lose it.

And all is well, and I wish you well.