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Patricia Burke Brogan is a painter, poet and playwright. Her etchings have won awards at Barcelona and at Listowel International Biennale 1982. Above the Waves Calligraphy, her collection of poems and etchings was published by Salmon in 1994 and the script of her stage play, Eclipsed, was published by Wordsonthestreet in 2008. Eclipsed has won many awards including a Fringe First at Edinburgh Theatre Festival 1992 and the USA Moss Hart Award 1994. To date there have been well over one-hundred productions of the play on three continents. Eclipsed has been excerpted in documentaries and other collected works including The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, Volumes 4 and 5, and Irish Women Playwrights of the Twentieth Century. The USA premiere of Stained Glass at Samhain was presented in Denver, Colorado in 2013. Requiem of Love, a monologue, was premiered at Galway's Town Hall Theatre in 2005. Eclipsed has been translated into Italian, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Gaelic. Stained Glass at Samhain has been translated into Italian.

A charming play, powerful and thought-provoking. – The New York Times

Patricia Burke Brogan's historically compelling and vividly staged new Irish drama unearths little known story -- A sterling ensemble achievement, alternately scalding and magical in its theatricality. -Los Angeles Times

It is an absorbing experience, more humane than browbeating, yet it is chilling that Burke Brogan’s play met the world four years before the last laundry closed. ….The decades of slow exposure since haven’t diminished this play’s impact or its clear-sighted political indignation. If anything, in a year of government reports and apologies, it seems more urgent.  – Peter Crawley, The Irish Times

'Her stage play, Eclipsed, changed everything. A play that was as faithful to the lives of the characters represented as it was to the hidden stories could almost not have had another author' Michael D. Higgins president of Ireland

This 'subversive and devastating play, Eclipsed, won her international recognition as a writer of courage and finely tempered imagination.'

John O'Donohue author of Anam Cara.

'Ms. Brogan paints a canvas filled with vivid portraits that reveal the full tragedy not only of the penitents but of the emotional price paid by their carers and keepers.'   Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

'Eclipsed is a celebration of Life, of Freedom, an exaltation of survival at any cost. I was struck by its chorality, every character is finely drawn and all roles are really beautiful, by the fact that it is a play for eight women, very unusual in theatre.'

Massimo Stinco, Dottore in Discipline delle Arti, della Musica, dello Spettacolo, Associazione Teatro Firenze

'This is powerful and moving theatre, all the more powerful because it is understated.'

Evening News, Edinburgh Theatre Festival 1992

'Eclipsed  ... is one of those rare theatrical experiences so profoundly moving that some scenes will tear your heart out.'

Contra Costa Times

Eclipsed, the story of the Magdalen laundries, a play by Patricia Burke Brogan

RRP €12.00  ISBN 9780955260445