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Aoibheann McCann is a widely published writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She features regularly on the Irish literary scene, both as a performer and an MC. She was raised in Inishowen, Co Donegal and currently lives in Galway with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Marina is her first novel. www.aoibheannmccann.net

A novel by Aoibheann McCann
158 pp RRP €14.00
ISBN 9781907017490

This tragi-comic novel follows Marina from infancy through a troubled childhood and the forging of a lifelong friendship with someone as lost as herself. The story of the heroine’s mental struggles, her musical talent, her escape to London, her offbeat boyfriend, her sojourn in the city and eventual return to Ireland builds to a shocking crescendo. It is a narrative so rich with emotion and alive with intimate detail that when you finish reading you wish there could be more.

Price €14.00

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“Knowing and mysterious, funny and heartbreaking. Best of all though this is a genuine original, a singular enchantment.”
Mike McCormack, author of Solar Bones

“Rich in insights and wry humour, the novel explores what it is to be isolated, lost, and stranded between worlds. Aoibheann McCann writes exquisitely of the magnetic pull of sea and water, and the yearning to belong.
Danielle McLaughlin, author of Dinosaurs on Other Planets

Marina is that oh-so-rare novelistic thing – an ideal blend of luminous prose and read-on storytelling. A wonderful gift of a first novel.”
Alan McMonagle, author of Ithaca


'The sea is huge for me'

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‘Memorable debut from slow-burner Aoibheann’

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“Bringing in large themes, such as climate change, is ambitious. Yet it is expressed subtly and ..... it did remind me of Indian author Amitav Ghosh’s ideas around how modern writers of fiction usually shy away from writing about climate change. Why does climate change cast a much smaller shadow on literature than it does on the world?”
                                       Shrinidhi Kalwad The Dublin Inquirer

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Scenes from Aoibheann McCann’s launch of Marina.

Aoibheann McCann reads from Stealing Boyfriends