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It may have taken Anne Tannam forty-four years to write her first poetry collection Take This Life but she's been gathering material for it since the day she was born. And she's not fussy about where she finds her inspiration. It could be in the lyric of a song, or a well written sentence, a snatch of childish conversation, or the syntax of a poem.

Language has always fascinated Anne and whatever work she is doing, the importance of how we tell stories and connect with each other remains a constant. In her various roles as teacher, life-coach and parent, language sits centre stage and endeavouring to employ it honestly and effectively is all in a day's work.

When Anne began to write, poetry seemed a natural choice as no other form of writing communicates so succinctly the unique but shared experience of being human.

Anne has performed her poetry at open mic nights across Dublin. She has read at the Glór Sessions, Seven Towers Last Wednesday Series, Wurm in Apfel, The Tongue Box and The Winding Stair. Anne has performed and discussed her work with Niamh Bagnell on Liffey Sounds.

Take This Life explores the small things in life that make it special, but which we often neglect to see. It is a spiritual journey of sharing the oneness of life.

The poems have been described as more a lyrical conversation than poetry. They speak to the reader in clever, thought-provoking language, painting pictures for the mind to hold onto long after the book is left down.

These are poems that are inspiring, moving, sad and funny, poems that make us feel we are not alone, that help us to see what's possible and to be comforted.

Here is a life manual to make you think, appreciate, reflect, and revise …

"The poems do indeed reflect her life and she takes her inspiration wherever she can find it. This may be the stray lyric of a song, an overheard conversation or a piece of writing. The poems reflect Tannam as a child, a mother, a friend, and simply as a human being. ….. she assembles as array of varied, often provoking images in her poems."  
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“I loved it. I smiled as I read. My first emotion was awe that someone could be so personal to the world. What great sharing and a great gift to the reader.”

“Loved the turn of phrase, beautiful expression – particularly emotive in “By the Time I Got There” – very moving.”

“There are so many people that I have thought of as I have read this book. My Dad, my sister, my brother, my best friend, my other best friend. Anyone who has experienced a little bit of life. I don't think I know anyone who couldn't relate or see themselves or “know what you mean” when they read at least several of your poems. Anyone who has parked their dreams for a little while, who has experienced love, loss…change ...”

“Many thanks for the opportunity to read this beautiful collection of poetry. There's no doubt that the voice here is true, that it soars directly from the heart.

You have a beautiful turn of phrase and a deftness to your poetry which is rare. Subtle rhymes and gentle, unpretentious metaphors impress upon the senses".

This is the real thing. A poet of great integrity".

                                                               Rebecca O'Connor

Take This Life, poems by Anne Tannam

76 pp ISBN 9781907017063

Take This Life