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About Tribal Gods

The place Dublin. The time early 1970s. Rose Leahy and Grace Donovan have been friends from childhood.  

With the new freedoms the time offers, Grace embarks on a series of erotic adventures with several lovers.

The more conservative Rose remains true to the traditional values of marriage and motherhood. Then the northern violence casts its dark shadow southwards with the Talbot Street bombing . . .

Tribal Gods a novel by Maeve Casey

ISBN 9781907017452

RRP €15-00

About the author

Maeve Casey grew up in Limerick, worked with Aer Lingus and travelled widely.

She then qualified as a psychologist and worked at the Social Psychology Research Unit and the Women’s Studies Centre at University College Dublin.

Her short stories have been published in New Irish Writing and broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 and on BBC Radio 4.

She now lives with her husband in Dublin where Tribal Gods, her first novel, is set.



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